Messianic Composer
& Performer

Music is a language best articulated passionately. From the time he was born in Frankfurt, Germany, Yaacov has traveled, observed and adapted many musical styles of playing and singing. Finally, after a decade of performing as a frontman on the West Coast rock club circuit, beginning at age 19, the Lord Yeshua stepped into Yaacov's life and jaded predictability - the King of Hearts completed the owner of a lonely one... Yaacov continues to write and perform his unique expressions of praise and thanksgiving in venues as varied as houses of worship, workshops and conferences to coffee shops and public markets.... Wherever Ruach Ha Kodesh leads.

A Close Friend's Impression of Yaacov's First CD:

I have known Yaacov for many years now. He was involved with a sister congregation while I was serving as worship leader of a congregation in Bellevue, Washington. I had come to know Yaacov as an anointed musician who had the gift of writing praise to Yeshua. Over the years, we lost touch until I recently saw him at a Holocaust remembrance conference. Yaacov let me know of this CD that he had released on a limited basis consisting of songs that he had written and performed. We are blessed to be offering this uniquely wonderful offering unto the Lord. Please listen to the special song samples that have been chosen, and you will agree that this CD release will be a welcomed addition to your Messianic music collection. This collection of refreshing songs display Yaacov’s vast talents, and most of all, his heart for Yeshua!